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AI driven Digital Marketing platform and Marketplace

Borough Markets is your turnkey marketing solution

Your Existing Customers

If we can understand what your customers really like and point them towards products and services they’re actually interested in, we’ll create a richer brand experience and grow your sales. By using predictive analytics, we deliver personalised emails, SMS and push notifications directly to your clients.

Delivering New Customers

By using machine learning to understand a brand’s perfect customer, we are able to identify, find and deliver new customers for your business. Through programmatic advertising, paid social campaigns and lookalike marketing, we can deliver a new market directly to you.

eCommerce and The Marketplace

When you join Borough Markets, we embed you in our eCommerce marketplace to ensure that we can deliver the return on investment you deserve. Not only does this enhance your selling capability, it also gives your business access to hundreds of thousands of new customers already interacting with Borough Markets.

Real partnerships

Technology alone is not enough to guarantee success. It’s about the right partnerships and support. At Borough Markets we work with you to deliver a personal account management service to help you establish your own marketplace, design your campaign and manage it, plan your media buying, and deliver you an ongoing advertising and sales campaign.

How Borough Markets works

Your ultimate AI-driven digital marketing platform and marketplace


Borough Markets delivers a revolutionary platform to enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to compete online with larger sophisticated retailers. We have designed a dedicated marketplace and digital campaign management platform, built with cutting edge data science and AI, to provide bespoke marketing campaigns.


Marketing online can be expensive. At Borough Markets, we’re putting previously out-of-reach promotional and marketing tools and systems in the hands of every business to allow you to grow and prosper, ensuring that you have the right resources and personal support to deliver the results you deserve. Transformation is what we do best!


We see technology as an enabler for businesses to grow and thrive. As businesses become more prosperous, they create jobs and stimulate local economies. We don’t just grow business, we grow communities. We do this by ensuring we remain relevant in our customers' lives and by building safe and trusted customer experiences online.

Ready to see where your business can go?

Enables you to send personalised emails to your database helping you to compete with the big companies

Creates new audiences through our eCommerce platform and app

Define your perfect customer and boost your database with similar people by using lookalike audiences

Marketing expertise at your fingertips – saving you time, money and staff costs

Full account management including content creation

Enables SMEs to compete with larger corporations by increasing market reach and competition

Access to world-leading and cutting-edge technology at affordable prices, in a turnkey solution

At Borough Markets, our technology philosophy is to provide the most advanced technologies to our customers

Borough Markets' partnership with IBM ensures that we deliver the latest cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies

Our other partner, Acoustic has recently been recognised by Gartner as one of the worlds leading campaign platforms

These partnerships ensure that we deliver the most advanced behavioural and predictive analytics results to maximise your return

Acoustic provides AI-driven campaign management & content management platforms to ensure the best return and delivery of any marketing tool

These technologies ensure that we are able to create maximum personalization and therefore return on investment for our customers

Borough Markets e-commerce platform allows customers to transact and to be reached by hundreds of thousands of people that utilise our platform

Borough Markets backend services ensure that personalization, reach, and deliverability are configured in a way that your business deserves

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Are you ready to move your marketing to the next level? Our team of experts will guide you to the results you deserve. Borough Markets will help you leverage our cutting-edge, AI-driven digital marketing platform and marketplace.

The Borough Markets team will take you through the affordable options available for you to maximize your value from existing customers, and how we can deliver new customers directly to you. We’ll also showcase your business to hundreds of thousands of customers on our marketplace.

Even if you’re already using an eCommerce platform, Borough Markets can work with you to deliver a solution tailored to your specific needs.

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